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HH-AUTOPARTS was established in 2007, is a professional manufature & supplier of

Air-cooled VW parts, heavy duty truck parts, Automotive Parts

etc in china. We are ISO9001:2008/ISO-TS16949 Quality Management System certified. Every procedure must be under the quality handbook. We have an experienced technical team, and our specially trained engineers provide efficient and excellent service to clients. Our products are exported to Europe, America & Southeast Asia.

Our Service

  • Heavy Duty Truck Parts Sourcing
  • Automotive Parts ¬†Sourcing
  • Aircooled VW Parts Sourcing
  • 1 year Quality Warranty
  • Small Quantity Order & Fast Delivery

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  • Goods are sold well in our region. Hope the next corporation.
    James Smith
    Region Agent - Argentina
  • The prodcuts are in great market, got good comments from customers.
    HH-Autoparts Brazil
    Patrick Jones
    Sales Manager - Brazil
  • A reliable partner with reasonable prices and great services.
    Sarah Miller
    Purchasing Manager
  • Super quality,Timely delivery,worth to coorperate with you guys.
    Simon Macdam
    Sales Manager
  • These guys do great job for us and make my business grow
    Fred Sicko
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VW Aircooled Parts

Air Cooled VW Parts

200 different types of classic VW restoration parts for old Bug, Beetle, Bus, Vanagon,Ghia and all air-cooled VW models, air cooled VW Parts include Air-Cooled VW Engine Parts, Air-Cooled VW Electrical parts, Air-Cooled VW Brake Parts, VW Air-Cooled VW Suspension Parts etc.

Stop solenoid

Engine stop solenoid for Cummins, Lister Petter, Deutz, Perkins, Kubota, Yanmar, John Deere, Dodge, Volvo, New Holland,Case,Bobcat,Ford, heavy Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, include cummins stop solenoid, Kubota stop solenoid, yanmar stop solenoid, deutz stop solenoid, woodward(synchro start) stop solenoid, perkins stop solenoid, mitsubishi stop solenoid, JCB stop solenoid, Trombetta stop solenoid, Caterpillar stop solenoid,
lister stop solenoid, vso stop solenoid, john deere stop solenid, volvo stop solenoid, komatsu stop solenoid, LC stop solenoid,stop solenoid kits etc. Also 1500 series stop solenoid, 1700 series stop solenoid, 2000 series stop solenoid, 2370 series stop solenoid,RSV Bosch Kit series stop solenoid,RQV-K Bosch Kit series stop solenoid, Kubota 3A Kit 70* 80 engine etc.

Eaton Fuller Transmissions

Various of Eaton Fuller Transmissions, include gear shift handle, Gear-main shaft, clutch sliding, input shaft, aux drive gear, shift fork, carbon synchronizer, synchronizer cone, synchronizer cup etc.

Mercedes Benz Truck Parts

Various of Mercedes Benz Truck Parts, include Mercedes Benz Truck Wheel HUB, ,Mercedes Benz Truck Fan Blade, Mercedes Benz Truck Shock Absorber, Mercedes Benz Truck Oil Cooler, Mercedes Benz Truck Water Pump, Mercedes Benz Truck Radiator, Mercedes Benz Truck Steering Drag Link, Mercedes Benz Truck Belt Tensioner, Mercedes Benz Truck Fog Lamp, Mercedes Benz Truck Clutch Cover, Mercedes Benz Truck Clutch Disc, Mercedes Benz Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Mercedes Benz Truck Torque Rod, Mercedes Benz Truck Tie Rod End, Mercedes Benz Truck Air Brake Compressor, Mercedes Benz Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Mercedes Benz Truck Crankshaft, Mercedes Benz Truck Turn Signal Switch, Mercedes Benz Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Mercedes Benz Truck Ignition Switch, Mercedes Benz Truck Combination Switch, Mercedes Benz Truck Alternator, Mercedes Benz Truck Starter, Mercedes Benz Truck Brake Disc, Mercedes Benz Truck Brake Drum, Mercedes Benz Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

Scania Truck Parts

Various of Scania Truck Parts, include Scania Truck Wheel HUB, Scania Truck Steering Drag LinkScania Truck Shock Absorber, Scania Truck Oil Cooler ,Scania Truck Water Pump, Scania Truck Fan Blade, Scania Truck Radiator, Scania Truck Belt Tensioner, Scania Truck Fog Lamp, Scania Truck Clutch Cover, Scania Truck Clutch Disc, Scania Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Scania Truck Torque Rod, Scania Truck Tie Rod End, Scania Truck Air Brake Compressor, Scania Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Scania Truck Crankshaft, Scania Truck Turn Signal Switch, Scania Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Scania Truck Ignition Switch, Scania Truck Combination Switch, Scania Truck Alternator, Scania Truck Starter, Scania Truck Brake Disc, Scania Truck Brake Drum, Scania Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

DAF Truck Parts

Various of DAF Truck Parts, include DAF Truck Combination Switch, DAF Truck Alternator, DAF Truck Oil Cooler ,DAF Truck Water Pump, DAF Truck Fan Blade, DAF Truck Radiator, DAF Truck Steering Drag Link, DAF Truck Shock Absorber, DAF Truck Belt Tensioner, DAF Truck Fog Lamp, DAF Truck Clutch Cover, DAF Truck Clutch Disc, DAF Truck Clutch Release Bearing, DAF Truck Torque Rod, DAF Truck Tie Rod End, DAF Truck Air Brake Compressor, DAF Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, DAF Truck Crankshaft, DAF Truck Turn Signal Switch, DAF Truck Brake Lamp Switch, DAF Truck Ignition Switch, DAF Truck Wheel HUB, DAF Truck Starter, DAF Truck Brake Disc, DAF Truck Brake Drum, DAF Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

Mitsubishi Truck Spare Parts

Various of Mitsubishi Truck Spare Parts, include Mitsubishi Truck Power Steering Pump, Mitsubishi Truck Starter, Mitsubishi Truck Belt Tensioner, Mitsubishi Truck Steering Drag Link,Truck Water Pump, Mitsubishi Truck Fan Blade, Mitsubishi Truck Radiator, Mitsubishi Truck Shock Absorber, Mitsubishi Truck Oil Cooler, Mitsubishi Truck Forg Lamp, Mitsubishi Truck Clutch Cover, Mitsubishi Truck Clutch Disc, Mitsubishi Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Mitsubishi Truck Torque Rod, Mitsubishi Truck Tie Rod End, Mitsubishi Truck Air Brake Compressor, Mitsubishi Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Mitsubishi Truck Crankshaft, Mitsubishi Truck Turn Signal Switch, Mitsubishi Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Mitsubishi Truck Ignition Switch, Mitsubishi Truck Combination Switch, Mitsubishi Truck Wheel HUB, Mitsubishi Truck Alternator, Mitsubishi Truck Brake Disc, Mitsubishi Truck Brake Drum, Mitsubishi Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

MAN Truck parts

MAN Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Various of MAN Heavy Duty Parts, include MAN Truck Belt Tensioner, MAN Truck Steering DragLink,Truck Water Pump, MAN Truck Fan Blade, MAN Truck Radiator, MAN Truck Shock Absorber, MAN Truck Oil Cooler, MAN Truck Fog Lamp, MAN Truck Clutch Cover, MAN Truck Clutch Disc, MAN Truck Clutch Release Bearing, MAN Truck Torque Rod, MAN Truck Tie Rod End, MAN Truck Air Brake Compressor, MAN Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, MAN Truck Crankshaft, MAN Truck Turn Signal Switch, MAN Truck Brake Lamp Switch, MAN Truck Ignition Switch, MAN Truck Combination Switch, MAN Truck Wheel HUB, MAN Truck Alternator, MAN Truck Starter, MAN Truck Brake Disc, MAN Truck Brake Drum, MAN Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

Volvo Trcuk Parts

Volvo Truck Parts

Various of Volvo Truck Parts, include Volvo Truck Shock Absorber, Volvo Truck Oil Cooler ,Volvo Truck Water Pump, Volvo Truck Fan Blade, Volvo Truck Radiator, Volvo Truck Steering Drag Link, Volvo Truck Belt Tensioner, Volvo Truck Fog Lamp, Volvo Truck Clutch Cover, Volvo Truck Clutch Disc, Volvo Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Volvo Truck Torque Rod, Volvo Truck Tie Rod End, Volvo Truck Air Brake Compressor, Volvo Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Volvo Truck Crankshaft, Volvo Truck Turn Signal Switch, Volvo Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Volvo Truck Ignition Switch, Volvo Truck Combination Switch, Volvo Truck Wheel HUB, Volvo Truck Alternator, Volvo Truck Starter, Volvo Truck Brake Disc, Volvo Truck Brake Drum, Volvo Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

Air Suspension Compressor

Mercedes Benz W219/220/221 Air Suspension Compressor, Jaguar Air Suspension Compressor, Audi A8 Air Suspension Compressor

Hino Truck Parts

Various of Hino Truck Parts, include Hino Truck Brake Cylinder, Hino Truck Clutch Disc, Hino Truck Oil Cooler ,Hino Truck Water Pump, Hino Truck Fan Blade, Hino Truck Radiator, Hino Truck Steering Drag Link, Hino Truck Shock Absorber, Hino Truck Belt Tensioner, Hino Truck Fog Lamp, Hino Truck Clutch Cover, Hino Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Hino Truck Torque Rod, Hino Truck Tie Rod End, Hino Truck Air Brake Compressor, Hino Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Hino Truck Crankshaft, Hino Truck Turn Signal Switch, Hino Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Hino Truck Ignition Switch, Hino Truck Combination Switch, Hino Truck Wheel HUB, Hino Truck Alternator, Hino Truck Starter, Hino Truck Brake Disc, Hino Truck Brake Drum, Hino Truck Power Steering Pump etc.

IVECO Truck Parts

Various of Iveco Truck Parts, include Iveco Truck Starter, Iveco Truck Clutch Cover, Iveco Truck Radiator, Iveco Truck Shock Absorber, Iveco Truck Oil Cooler ,Iveco Truck Water Pump, Iveco Truck Fan Blade, Iveco Truck Steering Drag Link, Iveco Truck Belt Tensioner, Iveco Truck Fog Lamp, Iveco Truck Clutch Disc, Iveco Truck Clutch Release Bearing, Iveco Truck Torque Rod, Iveco Truck Tie Rod End, Iveco Truck Air Brake Compressor, Iveco Truck Gearshift Knob Handle, Iveco Truck Crankshaft, Iveco Truck Turn Signal Switch, Iveco Truck Brake Lamp Switch, Iveco Truck Ignition Switch, Iveco Truck Combination Switch, Iveco Truck Wheel HUB, Iveco Truck Alternator, Iveco Truck Brake Disc, Iveco Truck Brake Drum, Iveco Truck Power Steering Pump etc.